Senta Bodmin Website


Senta Bodmin Website Senta Bodmin offer Tattoo Removal, Cosmetic and Beauty Treatments in Cornwall, and although they had a good Social Media presence, they didn't have an existing website. We worked with Senta to refine their brand, and created a website to advertise all of the services they [...]

Harris Floors Website


Harris Floors Website Sometimes simple is key - and we make sure we don't over complicate something that doesn't need it. Harris Floors needed a simple advertising website, where potential clients can find them, see what they are about, and get in touch. We built a simple single [...]

Litebooths Website


Litebooths Website Litebooths is a part of Peter Hodges Photography. We worked together with Peter on both websites - but kept them separate due to the completely different branding requirements and target audiences. This update to the Litebooths website has made it much more user friendly, and [...]

Grounded Truro Website


Grounded Truro Cafe Website Grounded Truro is a cafe in the heart of Truro, Cornwall, and has recently been taken over by Becky and Melanie. The business already had a strong brand in place, and we have created them a new website to go along with their new venture. [...]